Our fleet

Cabin charters take place on modern, spacious and comfortable catamarans and sailboats, such as the Lagoon 620, Bali 5.4, Ipanema 58 or the Sun Loft.

The common areas are vast, with indoor and outdoor dining areas to relax and enjoy the space.

Cabins are equipped with private bathrooms and catamarans generally have four to six cabins for up to 12 passengers sharing the same travel experience.

Everything is planned to make your cruising experience as enjoyable as possible. Simply book your flights, pack your bags and sail away.

Crew duties :

Captain or Skipper: Sailing and accountable for the ship and crew, administrative formalities, watch taking. They are in charge of relations with the authorities and the passengers for everything that concerns the organization of the cruise.

Hostess cook: In charge of supplies, cleaning (exclusively of the interior common areas), and taking care of the food and services.